Thesis Assignment

The Bachelor in Business Administration degree programme teaches practice-relevant content on business management based on scientifically founded methods. Business administration covers a wide scope. It not only deals with problems of internal and external processes and different tasks and functions within the company (marketing, finance and accounting, controlling, HR, production, logistics, etc.), but also with issues concerning future orientation (strategy and planning), the alignment of corporate culture with corporate structure, as well as, the correct designation of the environment and the optimal interaction with it. 

Students apply the knowledge and skills acquired during their studies within the scope of practical work experience in companies, public authorities and organisations. Students are well prepared for their period of practical work  due to their technical knowledge, the activity-oriented skills they have acquired in the fields mentioned above as well as their social and personal skills. The knowledge they have acquired is tested methodologically during the final year through the work addressed in the Bachelor thesis. Scientific working processes and methodology are essential criteria for the thesis.



360 hours

Organisational matters
Research topic suggestions from companies will be added to the Intranet-based list of proposals for practical work by agreement. Please complete the form below for better comparability of offers. These services are provided free of charge. It is customary for the company to cover any costs incurred (e.g. students' travel costs). We will be pleased to assist you with selecting a topic and to answer any questions you may have.