Business Information Technology

Business Information Technology is the science of designing, developing and using IT and communication systems to support business processes. Business Information Technology is a scientific discipline that combines Business Administration and IT.

Our Bachelor's degree programme in Business Information Technology provides students with the perfect combination of study course and professional experience and ensures they are capable of dealing with the complex challenges they will encounter daily during their subsequent careers. Those who acquire the Bachelor's degree can go on to study for a Master of Science (MSc) and take other postgraduate courses.

Business Information Technology deals with

  • the use of information and communications technology (ICT) in business and administration,
  • the development and operation of computer-based systems that enable new ways of doing business, and
  • the effects of the use of ICT on business processes and operations.

Business Information Technology is a discipline which requires knowledge and skills from two areas. Knowledge of business processes is just as important as an understanding of ICT.

Building bridges

Professionals working in the field of business information technology build bridges between two worlds, the world of business and that of information and communication technology. They need to be able to deal with customers and partners from various business units, language areas and cultures in order to identify their needs and find suitable solutions. Creativity, innovation, persistence and negotiating skills are required for this.

Project management from A to Z

As a Business Information Technology specialist, you will manage projects, create a system specification, decide on the solution, find suitable providers, bids and technologies and determine the procedure for implementation. You will supervise and monitor the implementation of the solution and ensure that it is user-friendly and that sufficient support is available.

Taking responsibility

These kinds of projects and the associated business processes encompass the organisation as a whole and usually also aspects of its environment. They span all departments, a variety of functions, management levels and teams. As a Business Information Technology specialist, you will have the skills to manage these tasks together with your interdisciplinary project team and the partners and take responsibility for them.

Particularly suitable for women

The world of ICT and Business Information Technology is still very male-dominated. However, the tasks require largely female skills, such as problem-solving and communication skills. Many functions in Business Information Technology can also be performed on a part-time basis. These are sound reasons why more and more women are choosing this career.