Study overview

A qualification in Business Administration certifies that the holder has obtained the necessary expertise in a challenging, interdisciplinary and wide-ranging subject area. The degree programme focuses on business organisations and their interaction with the business environment.

Our Bachelor's degree programme in Business Administration provides students with the perfect combination of a study programme and professional experience in order to ensure they are capable of dealing with daily complex challenges they will encounter during their subsequent careers. Those who acquire the Bachelor's degree can go on to study for a Master of Science (MSc) or apply for other postgraduate courses.

What is Business Administration?

Business Administration has a broad scope. It covers areas such as internal and external corporate processes as well as other tasks and functions within a business organisation. The degree programme addresses current trends as well as introducing the future of business organisations alongside core subjects such as marketing, finance and accounting, controlling, human resources, production and logistics. Strategy and planning, corporate cultural and structural alignment and how companies can best shape and interact with their environment are other issues/themes addressed within the Business Administration degree programme.

A dynamic and complex environment

In terms of application and content, business administration is a field that is continuously changing. Businesses and society are permanently engaged in a dynamic process of evolution. The intensity and speed of these changes and their complexity are immense/profound. Today, businesses find themselves under considerable (price/cost) pressure. Increased national and global competition has significantly increased the demands placed on businesses and their personnel, in particular at the management level.

Benefits of the degree programme

  • Practical orientation
    The Bachelor degree programme in Business Administration has a practice-based orientation towards businesses operating at regional, national and international levels.
  • Needs-based orientation
    The degree programme also accommodates the demands of students who want to complete a high-quality and challenging study programme.
  • Flexibility
    The availability of different degree programme models allows students the flexibility in choosing their specific study focus.