Business Administration

Business Administration is a challenging, interdisciplinary and generalist field of expertise and qualification. It is concerned with companies and their interactions with their environment.

The Bachelor of Business Administration offers students the perfect link between study and career and equips them to deal with the complex world of work. The degree is also the foundation for a consecutive Master programme (MSc) or for potential further education.

What is Business Administration?
The content of the Business Administration course is varied. It includes not only questions on internal and external company processes or various tasks and functions within a company (marketing, finance and accounting, controlling, HR, production, logistics, etc.), but also future-proofing issues (strategy and planning), the cultural and structural focus of a company as well as the right design of the environment and optimum interaction with that environment.

Dynamic and complex environment
Business Administration is not a static field of knowledge and application. The economy and society are undergoing dynamically different processes of change. The speed of these changes and the complexity of the environment have increased significantly. Companies today are facing considerable (price) pressure. Intensified national and global competition massively increases the demands on companies and on their employees, in particular their managers.

Advantages of the course
The Business Administration Bachelor programme focuses on the real world of business, on companies that operate on a regional, national and international level.
Special consideration is given to companies and administration departments in the canton of Bern. The course is also based on the needs of students who wish to complete a high-quality, prestigious education.

As an adult education institution, we know that you have to reconcile various different roles with the course (professional occupation, parental responsibilities, etc.). That is why we offer you a variety of ways in which to plan your course according to your needs (more on the curriculum) and decide which areas you wish to focus on.