BärnHäckt: We are part of it


Urban logistics of the future - sustainably cheaper! Our challenge at BärnHäckt is "City logistics of the future - sustainably cheaper". Help us to solve the problem and register as a hacker. 

From 24 to 26 August 2018, the second edition of the Bern Hackathon BärnHäckt will take place at the BFH Business School campus. At BärnHäckt, real-life company issues, considered as challenges, meet motivated and talented IT specialists, who work as hackers in teams to develop solutions to these challenges within 48 hours. The team with the most convincing solution will be awarded attractive prizes by the jury.

And we too are a Challenge Sponsor. We look forward to unconventional and visionary solutions to these challenges.

Hackers have the chance to experience an extraordinary weekend and work together with other IT students, dedicated developers and digitisers to develop solutions to the many challenges. At BärnHäckt, hackers can also establish new contacts in a lively community, gain exciting technology insights and experience the unique spirit of BärnHäckt.

Participation in BärnHäckt is free of charge for hackers. Catering, infrastructure, accommodation and everything that goes with it are included. You can find more information at https://www.bernhackt.ch/#hacker or in the brochure - and interested hackers can also register for the event right away via the link mentioned. 

As a Challenge Sponsor, we look forward to as many passionate and talented hackers as possible.