Useful Information

Studying abroad as an exchange student or as an international degree student means leaving your family and friends for a while. You may experience a range of feelings and reactions. You may feel lost, confused and find everything new and strange. However, it is perfectly natural and normal to feel like this when you go to a new country for the first time. We want to assure you, that after a few days you will adjust, settle down and enjoy your life in Bern.

Nevertheless, we would like to give you the following advice to help you adjust to your new environment:

  • Contact us if you have any questions or problems
  • Approach your professors in at the Business School if you have problems regarding academic issues
  • Involve yourself in all the Welcome Week and cultural/social activities organised by the student group GetTogether@BFH
  • Meet with your International Family and join them for activities
  • Be aware of intercultural differences and join our cultural activities to learn more about others and their culture