Certificate of Global Competence

The certificate of global competence is a BFH add-on certificate for the acquisition of intercultural and transcultural competences. 

What is the Certificate of Global Competence?
The Certificate of Global Competence offers you the opportunity to acquire additional intercultural and transcultural skills as part of your regular studies – and to provide evidence of this to future employers. The certificate provides excellent preparation for a professional future in an international context. 

Who can obtain the Certificate of Global Competence?
The certificate is available to all Bachelor or Master students, as long as they include it early enough in their study plan. 

How does the Certificate of Global Competence work?
You achieve portfolio points rather than credits for the Certificate of Global Competence. This allows you to match activities with your own personal and professional needs and to have extra-curricular activities taken into account.

Testimonial of a Graduate
The Social Work graduate Alexander Post did the BFH add-on certificate called "Certificate of Global Competence" during his studies and so explicitly gained intercultural competence. This is now proving helpful in his work with Social Services, where he often comes into contact with different cultures.

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