Welcome speech Ana Fernandes

Marie Brechbühler Pešková welcomes participants

Our Rector at the BFH, Herbert Binggeli welcomes all participants

Doris Weichselbaumer

Nina Smith

Conference participants

Margit Osterloh

Question from Peter Kuhn

Sabine Sczesny

Martin Huber

Ana Fernandes

1st Plenary Session with Daniel S. Hamermesh

More from the Plenary Session

The Policy Session gets under way with the introduction by the moderator, Reinhard Riedl

Sascha O. Becker provides an overview of recent developments concerning migration in the Swiss economy

The panel and the audience in the Policy Session

Our Policy Session panel (from left to right): Zoltan Doka, Maria Iannino Gerber, Patrik Schellenbauer, Cornelia Lüthy and Simon Wey

Erik Plug

Breakfast on Saturday morning

Vojta Bartos

Rafael Lalive

2nd Plenary Session with Peter Kuhn