The next Information Event for the International Program within the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration will take place on 11 December 2012


International Program - Bachelor in Business Administration
‘Internationality’ has a long tradition in Switzerland partly due to the variety of languages spoken here. This is valued not only by a large number of international organizations and companies but also by students. The scenic and cultural diversity of this alpine nation, situated in the heart of Europe, also proves a great benefit to students from all corners of the world. Switzerland is renowned world-wide as providing high level education. 

Bern goes global
You could start laying the foundation to your international career in the Swiss capital in spring 2011 when the Bern University of Applied Sciences opens up a special international program, within the regular Bachelor in Business Administration degree program. This is the place where highly motivated and internationally mobile students from all corners of the world meet and study together with cosmopolitan Swiss. All modules are offered exclusively in English. This feature specifically supports the acquisition of a working knowledge of English. Emphasis is on the transmission of applied management knowledge and intercultural competencies, which are in great demand amongst successful companies active in the global market place.

An exchange semester at one of the many world-wide partner schools provides international experience and further develops students’ language abilities. Students can choose to attend the International Program as full-time, part-time (foreign students can obtain a student working permit for a maximum of 15 hours a week once they have lived and studied in Switzerland for six months) or in-work students.